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A is for Avocados after sun Old avocados make an effective treatment for sunburn. then rub firmly with the cut side of half a lemon to remove stains. The citric acid has a bleaching effect and will.

Catherine Zeta Jones eats malic-acid rich strawberries to lighten her teeth. Keep it lubricated: if it’s dry and out of condition, restore it with a treatment. Keep it scented: sweet-smelling hair.

The shade is said to increase the content of chlorophyll and other nutrients, including the amino acid L-theanine (more on L-theanine below). Leaves are steamed, gently air-dried, and then ground into.

It is diagnosed via the symptoms, by taking family history and by a series of blood tests. Treatment includes anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids and new ‘‘biologic’’ drugs which target the auto-immune.

A mother-of-two is finally receiving treatment for her 4-stone leg thanks to a philanthropist’s generosity. Juan Suwanchatree’s, 44, from Thailand, massive leg first started to swell two years ago.

Even if they suspect patients are illegal immigrants, it ‘makes no difference,’ and they are obliged to provide free treatment. The advice from the British Medical Association flies in the face of.

From food colouring derived from crushed beetles to cheese containing an enzyme extracted from a freshly-slaughtered calf’s stomach, it’s worryingly easy. Some brands of ice cream contain capric.

She also keeps plenty of healthy liquids like coconut water, green juice and iced tea in there to ‘keep hydration fun’, as well as apple cider vinegar, turmeric shots. Try pure celery juice on an.

or avoiding rotating shift work or schedules that lead to irregular sleep – may all be important remedies for reproductive difficulty.’ Dr Neil Stanley, an independent sleep expert, said the body’s.

Stem cells harvested from umbilical-cord blood are to be used in a new treatment for the liver disease that claimed the life of tennis star Elena Baltacha. The former British number one was just 30.

Foods such as steak, nachos and salt and vinegar chips were up for grabs – as was a bath with hot water and toothpaste. Surprisingly, contestants, who were each given $500 to spend, seemed.

It was horrendous. Ever been depressed? From time to time, perhaps for half a day or so. I remedy down feelings with humour. My wife and I laugh a lot. Hangover cure? I never have hangovers. My.

To make the dressing, put the garlic, sugar, mustard, vinegar and water in a bowl. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Whisk with a small metal whisk, then slowly add the oil, whisking until pale.

In the US, race is tied with socioeconomic status,’ she said. ‘Advances in detection and treatment is slower to be disseminated to those in poor economic status, which in the US is more likely to be.

Apple cider vinegar really can improve your life. Experts say it can also be used as a digestion aid, allowing the stomach the produce hydrochloric acid. And natural acids called polyphenols and.

What sets aphthous ulcers apart from more ordinary ulcers is that they usually take two or three weeks to clear without treatment, and the person affected. or to salicylic acid, found in.

Preservatives:(E200 to E285 and E1105) These include E260 acetic acid (vinegar) and E270 lactic acid, and help make food last longer by inhibiting the growth of moulds, yeasts and bacteria.

Millions of lives could be saved by a new drug which prevents obesity, scientists say. After a four week treatment with the substance, which attacks the blood supply of fat tissue, obese rhesus.

13 If you can’t sleep, try Sleep Well Essence flower remedy: one reader says ‘it has truly changed. Or, even cheaper and greener, use lemon juice (add to water for glasses), vinegar (spray on.

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